Mega Industry Control Systems
Since its founding in 1997 , MEGA Industries has grown from an initial vision of a better way to monitor and manage mission-critical operations at refineries and petroleum storage terminals to become an industry leader in Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

From the Founders: Objectives, Vision and Strategy

When we established MEGA Industries years ago, we had a clear mission. To design, develop and implement end to end monitoring and control systems specifically applicable for the refining and petroleum terminals industries and designed for every stage of their business processes.

After decades of experience working together with world’s leader multinationals in the sector we were thoroughly familiar with the limitations and flaws of the partial approach to the different parts of the installation and our vision was to provide a fully integrated solution including all the key parts of the customer’s facility providing an optimum performance of all those parts and with a single source responsibility.

Our strategy to achieve the complete integration of all the parts was to design and develop Flashtech®, a state of the art, powerful, flexible and user friendly Automation System that provides full control of the installation, monitors all key functions and links with the customer’s business system allowing the perfect control and integration of the installation into their corporate structure.

After 16 years from MEGA Industries foundation and after many successful installations in Turkey and other countries with the most important companies, we can say that our objectives, vision and strategy were the correct ones. We have always new ideas and solutions that we want to bring to our current and future customers and we are ready to provide the best solution to optimize your current installation or help you in the design and implementation of your future one.