MEGA Industries is committed to putting the power of computing at the center of operational control, using technology to integrate components into a whole that is more effective than any of its parts and that functions as a single unit for creating visibility, minimizing risk and maximizing profitability.

The company serves refineries and petroleum storage terminals, specializing in management, measurement and control of road tanker filling, vessel loading and pipeline operations. Its solutions are suitable for the full range of petroleum and gas products, including LPG, gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, fuel oil, blended products and lubricants, at facilities of any size from mammoth refineries to small-scale loading plants, giving MEGA a unique competitive advantage as it brings to market its best-in-class solution and exporting its applications to other countries.

MEGA Industries is confident of its ability to compete in the world’s most sophisticated markets, because its advanced technology combines cutting-edge systems and programming with an intimate, firsthand knowledge of the special needs of the petroleum industry, a challenging environment where every system is mission critical and potential losses are expressed not only in millions of dollars but also in human lives. The Flashtech® system’s key advantage is its ability both to prevent those losses and to ensure profitable operations.

Turn Key Solutions

We are capable of providing turnkey installations performing at full customer’s satisfaction.

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Engineering and Design

Design and Installation of electrical systems, lighting and machine assembly for industrial companies. PLC and SCADA systems design and software applications. Projects and applications of medium/low voltage distribution systems and reactive power compensation panels.

Additional Services

Maintenance and Repair Services, On-site Commissioning and Start-Up, Training, Systems Maintenance and Upgrades, Documentation development, On-going Consultancy services.

Field Equipment and Instruments

Custody transfer Metering and Proving equipment, Loading Arms, Grounding and Overfill Prevention Systems, PLC/DCS Systems for ESD, Fire and Pump Control, Ex-Proof Bulk Materials such as; junction boxes, cables and cable gland.

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