Auma Elektrikli Vana Akçüatörler

AUMA Riester GmbH has been developing and building actuators for over 50 years. Therefore AUMA has acquired a know-how which can hardly be surpassed. AUMA is one of the leading electric actuators manufacturers world wide. AUMA has a wide modular product range with electric multi-turn, part-turn, linear and lever actuators, as well as several different gearboxes and also control units.

Efficient after-sales service and comprehensive product training is provided in MEGA as well as at the customer’s location.

Why Auma?

  • With high technology and more than 40 years experience, AUMA is the specialist for electric actuators.
  • Providing absolute control of fluid flow
  • Suitable automation solution for almost every valve with wide modular product range
  • Reducing time, material and labour intensive installation by providing definite automation solutions
  • Representing wide modular product range and different mounting position solutions according to customer requirements.
  • Representing AUMA patented plug/socket connector for motor and control cables for easy maintenance process and easy commissioning
  • Supplying Auma actuators and equipments in accordance with internationally accepted directives.