Kappa Gi is a company that provides systems for hydrocarbons vapor recovery. The Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) are installed in Refineries, Depots and Marine Terminals where are performed the loading of trucks, trains or ships with petroleum products.

According to the regulations of each country to prevent pollution, the vapors generated during these loadings must be driven to a VRU where the hydrocarbons are removed.

Kappa Gi Vapor VRU are tailored on clients requirements.

All units are pre-assembled on skids in order to cut transport and on site costs. Medium / small units are designed for easy transport on standard size trucks.


Since the 80's Kappa Gi is involved in vapor recovery, at that time volatile organic compound (V.O.C.) emission control laws were not yet in force.

Main target for oil companies to resale condensed V.O.C. was achieved by cryogenic innovative VRU, based on mechanical cooling, developed by Kappa Gi.

As European emission legislation came into effect an Activated Carbon Section was added to meet the new emission limits.


Main processes based on more than 30 years of experience are: Adsorption + Absorption Adsorption + Condensation Condensation + Adsorption (regeneration by vacuum) Condensation + Adsorption (regeneration by steam)


A full maintenance service is a priority for Kappa Gi and a planned control maintains the VRU equipment at its optimum performance; preventive diagnostic by internet connection is the last generation VRU standard way of troubleshooting.

Client’s personnel is trained on site for VRU primary knowledge to face basic maintenance in order to guarantee faultless operation.

Kappa Gi offers a full evaluation for the Vapor Collection System:

  • VRU process selection
  • Engineering and design according to the loading type (ship, train or trucks)
  • Supply of additional components such as booster fan, KO drum, high/low pressure safety valves, detonation arresters and flame arresters.


Kappa Gi units comply with all local regulations as ATEX, GOST, ASME, ASTM, etc.