Mega Industry Control Systems

Flashtech® is a terminal automation system (TAS) that controls the flow of information from the loading area to the supervisory system and to the local or remote central business system of an enterprise. Flashtech® is designed as a complementary solution to the terminal automation together with the specific equipment of the producers that MEGA represent.

The technology utilized by FlashTech® insures:

A complete solution for the terminal automation together with the high performance equipment and the know-how related to the management and the supervision of the loading terminals comprised of the followings;

Truck Loading & Unloading

Pipe Line Loading & Unloading

Rail Car Loading & Unloading

Weight Scale Interface

Access Control

Bay Allocation, Queue Display

Tank Gauging Interface

PLC/SCADA System Interface

Inventory Control

Integration to the central management system of the terminal

Security and supervision of the loading and the supervision system

Identification and tracing of the trucks and the drivers

Activity records

Configuration tools to enable tailoring of the system according to the application

The information stored on a relational database (ORACLE or SQL by default)

Database independent coding that enables an easy and cost effective integration to the order processing system of the enterprise by means of data base specific tools that ensure the data integrity.

• User Friendly

• Fast access to the most frequently used information.

• Visual display of alarms

Built in queries open for customization enable fast access to the specific information.

Multiple role based security levels to reduce operational costs and training time.

Cost effective software upgrades.

Graphical User Interface

Provides a user friendly access to the data and events, giving to the operator complete control over the process.

A tested and proven automation system, well known for its simplicity of operation and its reliability.

Native language support

Universal PLC/SCADA System Interface

Through a user configurable OPC client support, FLASHTECH® can be tied to the 3. party SCADA systems with no dependency to a particular PLC or host system.

Review of the FLASHTECH® Professional Services from MEGA:

Flashtech® is delivered on site as a complete solution, comprised of:

The study of the requirements of the customer and the terminal.

Supervision and the data base analysis of the terminal.

Recommendation of the server, clients, and the network components based on the application.

Generation of the documentation related to installation and operation.

Systems installation and commissioning.

System tests and start-up assistance.

Operator training.

System configuration and parameter optimization.

Remote and on-site support.

Preventive maintenance, periodic visits and health check.

Maintenance on failure.

Continuous consultancy.

Update of the software with continuous improvements.

Changes on the system according to the changing business requirements.