Mega Industry Control Systems

MEGA Industry manufactures the MEGA Timer™ control unit that provides controlling pulse valves electronically in filter systems with state of the art technology. MEGA Timer™ is a solution for the filters used in small and medium sized enterprises.

MEGA Timer™ was specially designed for your operations. You will be getting advantage of strong capabilities such as energizing up to 256 valves and many other solutions.

MEGA Timer™ will be your unique solution with its 24V 230V AC-DC selective input options.

MEGA Timer™ can energize valves directly without using extra interface.

MEGA Timer™ will provide you flexible solutions for your needs by using up to 8 MEGA Timers™ simultaneously to support large filter applications.

MEGA Timer™ Filter system allows for remote monitoring with standard analog (4-20mA) output and widely used optional digital communication protocol MODBUS™ which makes MEGA Timer™ user-friendly and easy to operate.