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FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions sets the standard for global Best Measurement Practices by designing, manufacturing and servicing the precision products and systems used to measure and control liquids and gases in industrial applications. The Smith Meter® brand is known worldwide for its ability to produce reliable, accurate and consistent measurement results. Similarly, our FMC Sening® brand tank truck components and systems are trusted to provide safety and environmental protection while ensuring accurate measurement during the transport and transfer of liquid products.

Major Equipment

PD Meter

Mass Meter

Electronic Preset Controller

Smith valve and Accessories

Truck Tracking Systems

FMC Accuload III

With the latest configurations, including the Split Architecture System and the AccuLoad II-to-III Upgrade package, operators choose the FMC Smith Meter® AccuLoad® III family of products for maximum load control and flexibility.

The AccuLoad III product line provides the power and flexibility required for today’s highly efficient and regulated terminals. By offering a wide variety of loading arm configurations- mixing blending arms with straight product- AccuLoad III maximizes efficiency and product throughput like never before. Up to six products can be blended together either sequentially or with ratio methods. Enhanced additive controls include piston, standard metered or smart, as well as high-volume additive with flow control.

FMC Microload

The FMC/Smith Meter Electronic Presets have all been dynamic products. Through hardware and software advancements, features have been added to the products at least quarterly and products in the field are easily upgradeable. The will be even easier to update, capable of downloading the latest firmware via the internet.

FMC Flow Computer and Electronic Parts

FMC Measurement Solutions can be used for all type of gas and liquid products. Flow Computers are design according to the needs of petroleum areas.

Flow computers provides high accuracy in all type of measurement areas and especially on pipelines.

FMC Turbine Meters

Turbine Meters are producing for pipelines and all other petroleum areas with FMC Smith Meter® high quality.

- FMC Smith Meter® Sentry Series Turbine Meter especially for pipeline projects,

- FMC Smith Meter® Guardsman Series Turbine Meter for small capacity pipelines,

- FMC Smith Meter® MV Series Turbine meters for crude oil lines.

FMC Prime 4 Meter

The Smith Meter® PRIME 4 , delivers superior accuracy you can expect from FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions. Engineered with only three moving parts means low initial cost and minimum maintenance required.

Direct pulse output eliminates the mechanical drive train resulting in fewer parts with no need for a packing gland.

Wear is further reduced by utilizing advantages such as:

Direct pulse output.

Polyketide blades.

Horizontal rotor with long-life journal bearings.

Only three moving parts.

FMC MPU Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The MPU series of Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters advances ultrasonic metering technology to its highest form. The MPU 1200 six-path, MPU 800 four-path and three-path MPU 600 meters are designed to be stand-alone meters or incorporated into complete metering stations. A single path meter, the MPU 200, is available for applications with lower accuracy requirements. The MPU series also provides cost, space and weight savings compared to conventional gas metering devices.

FMC Ultrasonic Meters Ultra 6

The FMC Smith Meter® Ultra6™ Liquid Flowmeter is a six path ultrasonic meter with a Signal Processing Unit (SPU) for custody transfer of refined petroleum products and crude oils. The Ultra6 is a new entry in the FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions family of high accuracy metering products which also includes the MPU 1200, 800, 600 and 200 gas ultrasonic flow meters. The Ultra6 utilizes the same technologies as the world leading MPU 1200 gas ultrasonic meter, in terms of path configuration, electronics and signal processing.


The FMC Smith Meter® , liquid is a microprocessor based instrument with Ethernet capability. It designed to monitor and control single product, single meter flow. The unit can operate either as a stand-alone instrument or be part of system where it communicates with an automation or SCADA System.


FMC Technologies ; provides transfer loading solutions between relative moving units with its Chiksan® loading arms based on rigid articulated piping and Chiksan® swivel joint technologies. FMC Technologies Loading Systems are reliable solutions using proven technologies and components, equipped with safety features, fully integrated and autonomous packages.

Marine Solutions ranges from conventional ships berthed along a fixed shore jetty to offshore applications between two floating units. FMC Technologies provides expertise in the different areas with proven solutions installed on:

Conventional on shore jetty in port

Floating jetty/ship moored at shore

Fixed jetty in exposed location

Gravity Based System for offshore

Floating unit for offshore

The loading systems cover a large range of product applications, including;

Liquid petroleum products

Liquefied petroleum gas

Liquefied natural gas

Compressed natural gas

Chemical products

Others on demand

FMC Technologies developed a tandem LNG loading application, the ATOL, that is the technical answer allowing for a stern to bow separation distance up to 115 meters, for more severe sea states when side by side mooring can only be achieved in moderate environmental conditions.

The ATOL, designed for carriers equipped with the Bow Loading Skid, is an integrated solution with an articulated piping assembly and the solution is supported by proven technology, tests, components qualifications, and conceptual certification. This design delivers up 25 to 30 years life expectancy and low maintenance.

Onshore Marine Loading Arms

The Chiksan® Marine Loading Arm is an articulated pipe system incorporating the world proven Chiksan® swivel joints for articulations and can be equipped with a complete range of accessories to enhance the operating safety and optimize the maintenance, regardless of the viscosity or temperature of the liquid, from liquid sulphur to liquefied natural gas, and from river barges to the largest crude oil carriers.

FMC Technologies offers a range of standard marine loading arm models, available either in manual or fully powered versions. Each model has multiple configurations to best meet the specific needs of each installation. To meet a plethora of installation and application needs, FMC Technologies developed a range of marine loading arms designed for petroleum products.

Self-supporting arms;

Self supporting arms




BOA for ship-to-ship LNG refuelling


Truck Products and Systems

Sening® with 100 years of history and Smith Meter® with an additional 70 years of experience are product brands of FMC Technologies.

FMC Technologies is a global leader in the petroleum industry and benefits in having these two well respected brands among their portfolio of products. Both Sening and Smith Meter products are designed, manufactured and delivered with specific focus on providing quality, efficiency and safety to the customer.